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10 Ways College Teachers Can Support the Future
of CQ/CE and Your Students

What follows are tips from Andrea Olsen, Professor, Dance Program, Middlebury College, VT:

10 Ways College Teachers Can Support Your Students
and the Future of CQ/CE

[Lt to rt] Dancers with Melinda Ring [under] in Ring's Huh? at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, Feb., 2007. Rickety (2007), sculpture/installation by Martin Kersels. Video still © John Wagner and Galileo Multimedia. Courtesy of the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College.

COLLEGE TEACHERS are a crucial link to the development of a thriving intelligent culture of national and international dance-makers. You can increase your students' access to vibrant ideas and practices in the field today. We suggest:

  1. Make certain your library subscribes to CQ.

  2. Order a back issue of CQ as a text for a course. Using back issues as material for class reveals the context in which the author's thinking has currency. It also introduces them to the journal and encourages subscriptions.

  3. Give writing assignments based on CQ style/format as practice for writing for publications. For 45 years, the journal has offered dancers of all persuasions—including dance academics—a place to publish, making the link between writing and performing. CQ provides the opportunity to work with editors to clarify writing, maintaining a personal, experiential voice—writing from the body rather than about the body. See our submission guidelines.

  4. Encourage students to use the online Dance Map Directory as well as the current print journal ad section as a resource for summer programs and international events. The is an excellent resource for dancing while traveling and helps students studying abroad feel less isolated by connecting them with other dance communities.

  5. Bring issues of CQ to classes and jams, and put them out in student lounges.

  6. Purchase the historical Contact Improvisation DVDs from Videoda.

  7. Advertise your program and workshops in CQ's online Dance Map Directory.

  8. Order dance books and textbooks for classes from Contact Editions.

  9. Order your kneepads from CQ.

  10. Send interns to our office for a semester, interterm, or a year. Please email
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