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Trisha Brown
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 for "Trisha + Brown"

Transitions:Trisha Brown:
At the Trisha Brown Memorial by Vicky Shick, Carolyn Lucas, and Diane Madden
CQ Vol. 43 No. 1, Winter/Spring 2018, Influence and Acknowledgement, Transitions, p 9 - 9
Decoy Among the Swans
on teaching Trisha Brown's Glacial Decoy to the Paris Opera Ballet
by Lisa Kraus
Running and Standing Still
two views of performing Trisha Brown's For M.G.: The Movie
by Diane Madden and Kevin Kortan
Choice/Form in Trisha Brown's "Locus"
by Mona Sulzman
CQ Vol. 4 No. 2, Winter 1979, Focus on Performance, p 17 - 20
Trisha Brown Company, Inc., at the Palindrome
by Steve Paxton
by Melinda Buckwalter
CQ Article Gallery, Summer/Fall 2012
by Melinda Buckwalter
a talk with Simone Forti
by Patrick Steffens
A further conversation with Julyen Hamilton
Part 2: Performance
Interview with Nancy Stark Smith
One History of Contact Improvisation
a talk given by Nancy Stark Smith at the International Contact Festival Freiburg, Germany, 2005
by Nancy Stark Smith

(18 March 1979–9 May 2016)
by Sejin Yang and Bongho Kim
Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut
by Charlie Mosey
The Artist as Storyteller in Contemporary Performance
by Louise Steinman

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