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CQ Publication Cycle

CQ publishes two double-season print journals a year:
Winter/Spring in January and Summer/Fall in May.
The Summer/Fall journal each year features a Folio on a particular theme.

We also offer artists' writings year round in CQ Unbound online.
The CI Newsletter is published twice a year online and in the Winter/Spring print journal.

COMING UP: CQ Volume 43 #1, Winter/Spring 2018
(Publication date: January 2018)
Includes articles, interviews, letters, Transitions, Shelf Life, Still Moving, CI Essentials, and the CI Newsletter (in print and online).

In our pages, we've documented the origins of several forms that have become fundamental to contemporary dance practices worldwide, and are actively widening this discourse to emerging and seeded forms that have not yet been represented in our pages.

For our upcoming issue, we are welcoming materials that speak to digging into and reckoning with our histories and those who have moved before us, recognizing what influences we are working with and pushing against. How do you trace your lineage? How is influence evidenced in the body? How do you choose which influences to acknowledge, which to presume or ignore? How does your work address its appropriations? How does a practice name, honor, or mend the past? What is haunting you? And what might this all predict/portend?

DEADLINE for submission of essays, creative writing, interviews, and graphics/photos on this theme, as well as open submissions: Aug 15, 2017
CI Newsletter Deadline (print and online) : September 1, 2017

CQ UNBOUND—our online publishing wing:
Editorial material welcomed year round about dancing, performance, dancemaking, teaching, and improvisation. We review material and post articles year round on our website, so please send material whenever it's ready.

See Submission Guide below.

Help us broaden our outreach for CQ material: CURATE an article. Document the work of teachers, colleagues, students, and collaborators whose work excites, challenges, informs, and/or inspires you. Record WHAT’S HAPPENING around you in the field of dance, improvisation, and performance. Interview someone; take notes at a workshop; review a performance; write short snapshots/portraits of people, events, situations. Call or email us for encouragement, suggestions, specifications, and other details.

Not up for making an article but have something to say? Write a LETTER. We love getting mail from you and review all of our mail for possible publication. If you don’t want your correspondence printed, please let us know.

CQ dance journal, Volume 43 #2, Summer/Fall 2018
(Publication date: May 2018)
Deadline for submissions of articles, writings, and graphics: Jan 15, 2018
CI Newsletter Deadline (online only): February 15, 2018

Send materials to:
CQ, P.O. Box 603, Northampton, MA 01061 USA

Submission Guide

CQ welcomes your written and graphic contributions. Material that is succinct, requires little editing, and is accompanied by interesting graphics will be given first consideration. Please be patient while waiting for a reply; we review submissions for the print journal two times a year.

  • Written Material

  • Printed out or via email to .
  • Include title, subtitle, byline, a short contributor note, and complete contact information for the author.
  • Keep a copy of your manuscript—CQ will not return written material.
  • Photos and graphics to accompany articles are strongly encouraged.
  • Please get permission to reprint any copyrighted material before you send it.
  • Let us know if your piece has been posted on the web, published, or submitted elsewhere.
  • Graphic Material

  • Photos: We are always looking for good dance pictures. Electronic images: please send compressed 300 dpi .tiffs or .jpegs, with caption, photo credit, and names of people in an email or separate file to . If sending more than five images, please send in separate emails.
    Set digital cameras to highest dpi setting before shooting (300 dpi max), and save images at a minimum of 10 inches wide. If you only have 72 dpi resolution, please save your file as large as possible inches-wise (25 inches wide minimum).
  • Drawings: Black ink on white paper is best. Include captions and credits. Mail to address above or scan at 600 dpi and send in an email.
  • Mailing: Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope for photos and graphics you wish to be returned.
CQ Contact Quarterly
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