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Contact Quarterly dance journal Publication Cycle

CQ currently produces 3 online publications:

CQ Unbound (subscriber-exclusive, year-round)
We welcome submissions year-round of original writings that offer an inside look at practice and creative work in contemporary dance, movement, somatics, and improvisation; concerning dancing, performance, dancemaking, and teaching. Writing formats include: essays, interviews, poems, fiction, photo essays, etc.—short or long. Send materials whenever they're ready. See Submission Guide below.

CI Newsletter (public access, biannual)
Published twice a year online—in June and January—the CI Newsletter includes writings focused on sharing views of Contact Improvisation practice around the world. Contains reports, writings, essays, and photos.
Latest publication date: June 2020
This is the final issue in biannual format. All newsletter submissions will now be published on CQ's new special edition ongoing newsletter: Contact in Untouching Time.

Contact in Untouching Time (public access, year-round)
Unlike the biannual CI Newsletter, this edition is ONGOING, added to chronologically as entries come in. We launched this special edition at the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic as a space to share ideas, resources, inventions, and initiatives as they emerge and adapt to the pervasive conditions of an ongoing Unknown. As conditions continue to change, the scope of this newsletter has broadened beyond the practices of contact improvisation, inviting submissions from movers and artists transmitting all forms of improvisational dance.
Please see our submission guidelines for this new edition here.

Help us broaden our outreach for CQ material: CURATE an article. Document the work of teachers, colleagues, students, and collaborators whose work excites, challenges, informs, and/or inspires you. Record WHAT'S HAPPENING around you in the field of dance, improvisation, and performance. Interview someone; take notes at a workshop; review a performance; write short snapshots/portraits of people, events, situations. Call or email us for encouragement, suggestions, specifications, and other details.

Not up for making an article but have something to say? Please note that all our online articles have a COMMENT section directly below them, waiting for your response and dialogue.

Submission Guide for CQ Unbound

CQ welcomes your written and graphic contributions. Texts for CQ Unbound can be up to 4,000 words. Material that is succinct, requires little editing, and is accompanied by interesting graphics will be given first consideration. Please be patient while waiting for a reply.

  • Written Material
  • Submissions should be sent as a text document (Word, Open Office, Pages, preferred).
  • Include title, subtitle, byline, a short contributor note, and complete contact information for the author.
  • Photos and graphics to accompany articles are strongly encouraged.
  • Please get permission to reprint any copyrighted material before you send it.
  • Let us know if your piece has previously been published in print or on the web, or is currently submitted elsewhere.
  • Graphic Material
  • Photos: Send as 300 dpi .jpgs, with caption, photo credit, and names of subjects in the email or separate file. Please get permission to publish any copyrighted material before you send it. If sending more than five images, please compress in a folder or send in separate emails.
  • Drawings: Scan as greyscale if black ink on white paper. Drawings with gray tones should be scanned at 600 dpi. Save as .jpg. Include captions and credits.

Send all materials to .

CQ Contact Quarterly
P.O. Box 603
Northampton, MA 01061


ph: 413-586-1181
fax: 413-586-9055

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