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CQ Dance Journal: Vol. 19 No. 2: Summer/Fall 1994

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Summer/Fall 2019
Folio 4: field within a field
Winter/Spring 2019
Summer/Fall 2018
Folio 3: Welcome to Choreomundus
Winter/Spring 2018
Influence and Acknowledgement
Summer/Fall 2017
Folio 2: Contact/Dance Improvisation & Philosophical Thinking
Winter/Spring 2017
Summer/Fall 2016
Folio 1: Traces from a Festival
Winter/Spring 2016
Summer/Fall 2015
Chapbook 6: Forgetful Snow
Winter/Spring 2015
Summer/Fall 2014
Chapbook 5: Passing For Dance, A HIJACK READER
Winter/Spring 2014
Summer/Fall 2013
Chapbook 4: Emergent Improvisation
Winter/Spring 2013
Summer/Fall 2012
Chapbook 3: The Anatomy of Center
Winter/Spring 2012
Summer/Fall 2011
Chapbook 2: The Goldberg Observations
Annual 2011
Summer 2010
Chapbook 1: newDANCEmedia
Annual 2010
Summer/Fall 2009
Special Focus: Inspiration Expiration
Winter/Spring 2009
Special Focus: Contact Improvisation's 36th Anniversary
Summer/Fall 2008
Special Focus: Activism & Community
Winter/Spring 2008
Special Focus: Feedback & Articulation
Summer/Fall 2007
Special Feature: Alternative Formats
Winter/Spring 2007
Special Focus: Place2
Summer/Fall 2006
Special Focus: Place
Winter/Spring 2006
Special Focus: Found on the Web
Summer/Fall 2005
Winter/Spring 2005
CQ, The Early Years: 1975-1987
Celebrating CQ's 30th Anniversary
Summer/Fall 2004
Winter/Spring 2004
Summer/Fall 2003
Winter/Spring 2003
Summer/Fall 2002
Special Issue: Authentic Movement
Winter/Spring 2002
Summer/Fall 2001
Winter/Spring 2001
Summer/Fall 2000
Winter/Spring 2000
Special Focus: To Dance or Not to Dance
Summer/Fall 1999
Special Feature on Teaching
Winter/Spring 1999
Summer/Fall 1998
Winter/Spring 1998
Contact Improvisation's 25th Anniversary Issue
Summer/Fall 1997
Winter/Spring 1997
Summer/Fall 1996
Focus on Sexuality & Identity 2
Winter/Spring 1996
Focus on Sexuality & Identity
Summer/Fall 1995
Winter/Spring 1995
Summer/Fall 1994
Winter/Spring 1994
Summer/Fall 1993
Winter/Spring 1993
Summer/Fall 1992
Winter 1992
Dancing with Different Populations
Fall 1991
Spring/Summer 1991
Winter 1991
Fall 1990
Spring/Summer 1990
Issues Issue 2
Winter 1990
Issues Issue 1
Fall 1989
The List Issue
Spring/Summer 1989
Winter 1989
Fall 1988
Spring/Summer 1988
Winter 1988
Fall 1987
Improvisation Issue 2
Spring/Summer 1987
Improvisation Issue 1
Winter 1987
Fall 1986
Spring/Summer 1986
Space/Time Issue 2
Winter 1986
Space/Time Issue 1
Fall 1985
Spring/Summer 1985
Music and Sound Issue 2
Winter 1985
Music and Sound Issue 1
Fall 1984
Spring/Summer 1984
The Children's Issue # 2
Fall 1983
The Children's Issue #1
Spring/Summer 1983
The College Issue
Winter 1983
Fall 1982
The Non-Verbal Issue
Spring/Summer 1982
Contact Improvisation's 10th Anniversary Party
Winter 1982
Focus on Documentation
Fall 1981
Spring/Summer 1981
Winter 1981
Focus on Perception
Fall 1980
Spring/Summer 1980
Focus on Sports
Winter 1980
Focus on Healing II
Fall 1979
Focus on Healing
Spring/Summer 1979
Winter 1979
Focus on Performance
Fall 1978
Spring/Summer 1978
Focus on Groups
Long Winter 1978
Fall 1977
Teaching Issue
Summer 1977
Spring 1977
Winter 1976
Fall 1976
"Contact Newsletter"
Summer 1976
"Contact Newsletter"
Spring 1976
"Contact Newsletter"
December 1975
"Contact Newsletter"
November 1975
"Contact Newsletter"
April 1975
"Contact Newsletter"
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